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Top 15+ Red Light Areas in Bangalore name list 2024

Like Sonagachi in Kolkata and Kamatipura and Faras Street in Mumbai, Bangalore does not have a red-light district. However, there are some areas in Bangalore known as red light areas for operating flesh trade from there.

What are red light areas?

Red-light areas Bangalore are brothel areas or prostitution zones. These are the places where prostitution is prevalent. Sex workers, prostitutes, brothels, call girls, and escorts operate and offer love, sex and sensual services to their clients. These areas are often categorized and characterized by red neon lights. The name "red light" has derived from there.

Red light areas are typically characterized by brothels, massage parlours, and other establishments that offer sexual and sensual services. The term "red light" comes from the red lights that are used to give a signal/sign that brothel houses are prevalent there and open for business. Prostitution is taboo in many counties. It is taken as an illegal practice. However, like India, it still exists and operates underground in many developing countries.

History and current situation of red light areas in Bangalore, India

If you are planning to pay a visit and explore Bangalore red-light areas there, you are at the right destination. Keep reading this small piece of writing, until you reach the end. This is a comprehensive guide to the top 15 red light areas in Bangalore.

The rich history of red light areas in Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India and the capital city of the southern Indian state of Karnataka has a rich history of prostitution. It has a long culture of prostitution that has been a part of Bangalore's history for centuries. The main red light area in Bangalore is known as Majestic. Now, located in the heart of the city, Majestic emerged as the first red light area in the 1800s when British soldiers would frequently visit the area to satisfy their sexual hunger. This area has proximity to Bangalore railway station and bust stop.

The area became more organized and commercialized after the 1960s. Between the 1960s and 1970s many flesh traders, brothels, call girls, prostitutes, and sex workers started proudly operating in this area. It became so popular that the Bangalore adult industry emerged from there. Subsequently, in the 1990s, the state government legalized prostitution on the ground that the call girl service or escort service is like other essential services required for healthy and peaceful living. Adult entertainment services play an important role to save life from suicide, murder, genocide, etc. It can help people get rid of bitter conjugal life and unhappy sex experiences. Moreover, it has the power to reduce the crime rate and keep society cool. As a consequence of the Bangalore escorts service, the percentage of rape, breakup, eve teasing, and divorce has reduced significantly. Now, Majestic has been an officially recognized red light area in Bangalore.

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The unknown or lesser-known fact about Bangalore's red light areas is that a notable number of transgender sex workers remain very active at night. Their ubiquity and activity are obvious in many red-light areas in Bangalore.

Transgender or she-males, Hijras in native, have a long history of getting involved in prostitution. They started working as sex workers in Bangalore in the early 20th century to earn their livelihood. Getting involved in this profession was not an easy task for them. They faced significant discrimination, molestation and marginalization, both within and outside the adult industry.

Social workers offering services from various red light areas in Bangalore often face various challenges in society. These affect their personal life and regular activities in life. Needless to say, many social workers, NGOs and private organizations are working for them and trying their best to support them in various ways. Samraksha and Sangama, two popular NGOs offer advocacy, health and legal aid services to the sex workers and other marginalized communities.

Many young ladies become a victim of human trafficking. They are forcefully dragged into this profession against their reluctance or unwillingness.

All activities are conducted privately. Sex workers and flesh traders operate their businesses implicitly. The government and NGOs have set up several rehabilitation centres for launching various awareness programs for sex workers and flesh traders, but the success of these programs is still unidentified.

Asking Price for a Night

The words price and rate go against the ethics of the adult and escort industry. The reason is that sex is not a commodity to sell in an open market. This is why using the word "donation" is acceptable. The donation is for spending time with you. Therefore, writing donation instead of price or rate is good enough while developing content for the same. Asking donation for a night instead of asking a price for a night is formal. Donations for spending a night with sex workers can vary depending on several factors like looks, ages, figures, physical appearances, experiences, and areas of specialization. The demand for their services also plays a significant role.

Current Situation of Red Light Areas in Bangalore

Although prostitution is legal in Bangalore, the current situation of red light areas in Bangalore is complex. While sex workers are allowed to continue their operation in red-light areas, they face several challenges and obstacles in their practices.

Sometimes, local administrations take some steps to curb the practice. They take serious actions when any critical situations arise or find any malpractices in the industry. Issues like health safety and upcoming health hazards due to the outbreak of coronavirus or the probability of getting contagious diseases like HIV/AIDS create hindrances in the practice and administrative whips come as a consequence of these. Despite these, brothel areas in Bangalore continue to operate in red-light areas.

Apart from that, sex workers face several problems and difficulties. They become a victim of violence, exploitation, abuse, molestation and mistreatment at the hands of clients and brothel owners. Moreover, red light areas and pros quarters are stigmatized by many people who think the escort service and prostitution immoral and obscene.

Top red light areas in Bangalore

There are several places in Bangalore City where sex workers operate and offer sexual services to their clients in exchange for money. Here, we are going to offer you a list of the top 15+ red light areas in Bangalore.

Given below are the 15+ infamous red light areas in Bangalore


Cottonpet is a popular residential area located very close to Majestic. It is an ideal home for sex workers in Bangalore. Many brothels and massage parlours are providing erotic massages and engaging sexual services in Bangalore. This area is one of the most sought- after destinations for seekers of complex adult entertainment. Keep one thing in mind that the place is notorious for illegal activities. Therefore, don't carry huge cash and valuable things while visiting this place for adult entertainment.


Chickpet is a busy marketplace and an important commercial hub in Bangalore. It is known well for bustling markets, crowds and narrow lanes. There are many brothels and massage parlours offering adult entertainment and sexual services to a large number of visitors every day.

Silk Board

Silk Board, a busy intersection in Bangalore, is known as an important red light area for offering casual sex services through various brothel houses and massage parlours. A large number of people visit here every day to have sexual and sensual fun.

Hosur Road

Hosur Road connects Bangalore with Hosur in Tamil Nadu. It is a major thoroughfare hosting many pros quarters and massage parlour on its two sides for offering discreet services for adult entertainment. This area is emerging as one of the fastest-growing red-light areas in India. There are many brothers, call girls, high-profile escorts, and sex workers operating from here.

M G Road

This is a busy prosperous location in Bangalore, offering places to several shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes and massage centres, and beauty parlours. Many prostitutes and sex workers are operating from their quarters and massage parlours here. The place is known for various nightlight activities.


Begur is an important suburb and a populated residential area located in the southern part of Bangalore. Located very close to Electronic City, it is home to an important red light area. There are call girls, escorts, brothels, massage parlours, and pros quarters attracting a significant number of visitors every day. Being well connected by several major roads, the place is easily reachable and accessible to service seekers.


Located close to Hosur Road, Bommanahalli is a residential area and popular locality in South Bangalore. With several brothels, sex workers and massage parlour owners, it is home to a red light area offering adult entertainment and sexual services to visitors looking for the same.

Frazer Town

Frazer Town in Bangalore is a bustling residential area and posh locality in Bangalore. With colonial-style bungalows, brad streets, tree-lined avenues, and a rich cultural heritage, the place offer ample adult entertainment scopes with local call girls, brothels, and hundreds of sex workers operating from there. Keep your belongings safe and take a close look at your surroundings, while visiting this area.


It is an important red light area, residential place and popular destination for seekers of escort and other sexual services. You will find here several brothel houses and massage parlours attracting people for having these services from their women.

JC Road

JC Road in Bangalore is an important commercial hub and bustling marketplace selling electronic goods, automobile parts, furniture and hardware equipment. The adjacent areas of this place are known for the sex and flesh trade. Many brothels and sex workers wander here to serve their clients.


Kalasipalyam is a busy prosperous location and vibrant area in Bangalore. It is home to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential establishments. The place has a close association with the flesh trade and sexual activities. Many prostitutes and sex workers operate from here. A large number of visitors come to have access to adult entertainment services.


Located in North Bangalore very close to Banaswadi and Hennur, Kammanahalli is a popular red light area. Thousands of escorts, brothels and sex workers are operating in the area.

KR Market

KR Market, also known as the city market, is a bustling marketplace and an important wholesale market known well as a red light area in Bangalore. Many local people and tourists frequently visit this place to have sex with call girls, escorts and sex workers operating in the area.

Magadi Road

Magadi Road is an important Bangalore road connecting the city with the town of Magadi. It is an emerging red light district offering a home to many brothels and adult entertainers operating in the area.


Majestic is one of the busiest areas and most important transportation hubs in Bangalore, offering a home to many sex workers operating their flesh trade from here. The place is well-connected with important places in the city. Having proximity to bus stops and railway stations, a large number of visitors come to this place to explore adult entertainment services and other purposes.

Safety Tips for Visitors

Visiting red light areas specifically at night can be dangerous unless you follow some tips and take necessary precautions.

Given below are some safety tips for visitors:

  • Avoid taking valuable things with you.
  • Don't carry an adequate amount of money or cash with you
  • Get one companion with you while visiting red-light areas in Bangalore
  • Don't go alone at night
  • Don't get engaged in a sexual relationship without checking the license and fitness certificate
  • Make sure your selected woman is fit for giving you sexual services
  • Your sex partner must be devoid of any genital and contagious diseases
  • Don't consume alcohol before visiting there.
  • Don't get involved in a quarrel or illegal activities
  • Avoid solicitation
  • Respect the sex workers
  • Don't disclose your details
  • Respect their privacy
  • Do not take photographs or videos without taking their permission.
  • Leave the area immediately if you face any difficulties or adversities

Visiting red-light areas at night is not recommended. You can go daytime with a trustworthy companion. Try to be a good human and support the sex workers when they become a victim of trafficking and exploitation. Help them combat the issue.

Unlike Bangalore, prostitution is illegal in many states and cities in India. However, it still exists in there in different forms. Red light areas have come into the map of Bangalore. It has been a part of the city's landscape.