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If you are above 18, you are at the right destination for receiving an ultimate mental and physical satisfaction. You can go ahead to explore what is going around there. If you are under 18, you should leave this website immediately. We will not be responsible for any and circumstances coming as the consequence of sexual violence laws falling under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Are you a professional, business tycoon, industrialist, globetrotter or modern man (of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity) interested in spending quality times with the beautiful girls and enjoying the warmth of amorous companionships? If yes, you are at the right destination. Codella, a full-service Bangalore escort agency, would be the right fit for you.

Indulge in Bangalore Escort Service

Bangalore escort service has created a significant niche for it by offering its consumers unforgettable companionship services. This has added another dimension to the Indian escort industry for its unmatched quality services, combining mental and physical pleasure in one whole and infusing sensualities and sexualities in their services. It means the clients are sure to have mental and physical satisfaction while sucking love and amour through their all five senses.
The credit of it fully goes to Codella, a reputable escort agency in Bangalore. We are the first escort agency in Bangalore that delved deep into the Bangalore escort industry and the services offered under it. We understood the lacuna and the gap between the international standard of escort services and Bangalore escort services. This helped us bring about some modifications, permutations and combinations in our services to make our service world-class. Since then to date, we have been updating and upgrading our services, making it healthier, more pleasurable and more customer-centric. Our relentless endeavor is to raise the bar of excellence in the industry, creating value for our clients, the Bangalore escort industry and the heterosexual society. We are at your service to offer you the true essence of Bangalore escort service.

Bangalore Escorts Offering Companionship

Bangalore escorts working at Codella are committed to providing their clients with high-quality companionship services at an affordable amount of donations. As per the need for your mental and physical treatment, they offer you companionship and courtship services in a very healthy and undisturbed atmosphere.
We have many model girls, elite women, high profile escorts, Bangalore babes, and independent Bangalore escorts dedicated to offering you both incall and outcall services as per your needs and choices. They are smart, intelligent, well educated, and obedient to face any sexual encounter and meet dark fantasies and libidinal desires. They have an unquenchable thrust for meeting new handsome and building a sexual relationship with them. They are highly skillful in foreplay, seduction, creative lovemaking, and erotic pampering. With their creative erotic spell and artful lovemaking qualities, they can take you to a pleasurable world of love and amour where you will find everything spicy and colorful. A full night spending with our call girls in Bangalore will reward you a sleepless night, rocking bed and memorable moments. Blessed with multidimensional qualities, they can fulfill your different purposes like a true girlfriend, a real bed partners, a personal assistant, a professional secretary, a perfect entertainer, and an expert guide.

Codella: a reputable VIP escort agency in Bangalore

Welcome to High Class Escorts Bangalore. At Codella we specialize in offering a wide selection of beautiful Bangalore escort girls blessed with lustrous eyes, rosy checks, cozy lips, ripening breasts, attractive bust lines, fair complexions and curvaceous athletic figures. Their vivacious appearances and voluptuous looks will surely create a sensation in you. You will feel a desire to spend some happy moments with them in the most discreet ways. A vast majority of these beautiful call girls in Bangalore is dedicated to offering you creative love marking and erotic pampering. They will ensure you a true girlfriend and a real bed partner experience.

We are committed to shunning your loneliness, dejection, depression by offering exceptional Bangalore escort service through our young call girls in Bangalore in a personalized way until you feel very happy, relaxed, rejuvenated, and satisfied.

Codeall is now a leading escort agency in Bangalore

Since the time of inception in this domain for offering quality escort service in Bangalore, our quest has been to establish a long-term relationship with our clients by ensuring them personalized care and specialized attention to every detail. We encourage our clients to open their libido and gratify their dark fantasies and libidinal desires in their preferred ways. This helps us receive many repeat clients from Bangalore and abroad. Moreover, the matter of safety, security and wellbeing gets our paramount interest. This is why we get our Bangalore escort girls thoroughly checked up by the recognized and registered medical practitioners. To ensure our clients long, happy and healthy sex life, we permit our Bangalore call girls offering Bangalore escort service only after receiving fitness certificates and other clearance certificates issued by the recognized and registered medical practitioners. Every time we get in touch with our clients to confirm that they have enjoyed the game of love and amour and received ecstatic erotic pleasure with their hearts’ content in an undisturbed atmosphere and healthy place.

Types of Bangalore escort girls offering satisfactory escort service through us

As a leading Bangalore escorts agency, we keep a wide range of smart, good-looking, well-educated, and well-mannered Bangalore call girls to match almost all needs coming from the native or foreign clients. We never recruit any independent Bangalore escort unless they qualify our screening test methods. There are many multilingual speakers (in our escort girls in Bangalore) comfortable with international standard of erotic service. They are highly skillful in creating an exceptional erotic sensation through their artful seduction power, foreplay and other creative sensual activities. They are known worldwide for their unmatched quality Bangalore escort services, blending sensualities and sexualities. There are many working professionals looking so amazing that our clients love to call them Bangalore traffic stoppers. They are comfortable with both incall and outcall escort services to satisfy their sexual hunger, shun loneliness and spend happy moments with the new young handsome. They could not dissociate them from meeting new handsome on a daily basis. They have created a significant niche for them with their unmatched services and spontaneous involvement in the games. They can easily stand out from the crowd of other call girls in India.independent escort girls in Bangalore They are known worldwide for their unmatched quality Bangalore escort services , blending sensualities and sexualities. There are many working professionals looking so amazing that our clients love to call them Bangalore traffic stoppers. They are comfortable with both incall and outcall escort services to satisfy their sexual hunger, shun loneliness and spend happy moments with the new young handsome. They could not dissociate them from meeting new handsome on a daily basis. They have created a significant niche for them with their unmatched services and spontaneous involvement in the games. They can easily stand out from the crowd of other call girls in India.

Given below are different types Bangalore escort girls offering services through our VIP escort agency:

Independent escorts in Bangalore

As the name suggests, independent escorts in Bangalore work independently in their own ways with their dedicated services. To be more precise, they receive contacts from us and pay us a commission for this. They are open to both incall and outcall services. It means they entertain their men with different types of mental and physical satisfaction services to their clients’ place or their men come to their places to access the same. The former is called outcall and the latter is called incall. Independent call girls in Bangalore are known well for their extraordinary qualities and innovative sensual solutions. To make the erotic pleasure more innovative, client-centric and personalized, they have brought variations to their sensual and sexual services. Blending sensualities and sexualities with classical Kama Sutra sex positions and modern western styles, they have designed their innovative and creative services to ensure more pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.

Bangalore model escorts

Hiring a model escort in Bangalore Escorts through our agency gives you a different kind of experience, which is far ahead of the common ebullience of life and ordinary rustic mirth. Almost all of them are blessed with attractive curvaceous figures measuring 36-24-36. This voluptuous female body shape is well enough to give you an extreme erection. Most of these girls have worked either with many advertising agencies or in different programs as models. Although Bangalore VIP model girls are selective in choosing their men and offering carnal love, you can get a chance to enjoy with them when you reach them through us.

Elite escorts in Bangalore

They have their specialized name for being accustomed to elite cultures, needs and activities. They are basically high-class Bangalore escorts specializing in offering romance and intimacy. Their services are designed to meet both mental and physical satisfaction needs.

Working professionals playing the role of call girls in Bangalore

There are many professional women working at many MNCs and other corporate sectors as human resource managers, IT experts, financial advisors and other designations. They love to spend quality times with the young handsome and satisfy their carnal appetite in the most pleasurable ways. Dating with these Escorts call girls in Bangalore is really enjoying and unforgettable. Their involvement in the erotic games is really very spontaneous and responsive. They love to enjoy the company of their men with experimental sex positions supported by modern sex toys, tools, machines, erotic oils and medicines. They help you get bigger, last longer and stay harder to ensure more stamina and better satisfaction. They really feel the pleasure of the game and reciprocate the same each time you expect from them. Frequent visits will render you an improved erection, increased stamina and intensified ejaculation. Female escort Services experimental erotic activities and high seduction power will help you experience a more satisfying sex life.

Bangalore escorts girls ensure you optimum erotic pleasure

Bangalore escorts girls are gentle, tame, and meek. However, they get vivacious and wild on your bed. On a single call or a simple email drop, they reach your doorstep to offer you satisfactory sensual pleasure. Wearing transparent white silk and stylish shoe, they will meet you at your private chamber or Bangalore hotel room. High Profile Escort Girls After that, their loose gown would fall from their shoulders. Embracing you in their wild arrays, they will kiss you softly and ask you “Sweetheart, how like you this?” You will feel an urge to respond to their artistic lovemaking and erotic pampering. Gradually, you get lost in their every physical fold. You lose your head and control over your body, lying on their tolerant enchanted slopes.

The most enchanted place, the deep romantic chasms that slanted down the black hills (covered with thick black grasses) make you mad to stroke harder until you release yourself through an extraordinary swoon. You will really enjoy the women wailing for getting harder strokes and from the deep of romantic chasms a ceaseless turmoil would seethe consistently. The mighty fountain would fling up momently with fast thick pants and ceaseless wild breathing. The dancing rocks will make you more wild and rough when the romantic chasm flings up boil water like the thresher’s flail.

Multidimensional roles played by Bangalore high profile escorts

High profile escort girls in Bangalore play Multidimensional roles for their clients, keeping pace with their changing needs and demands. They are flexible, gentle and obedient. They are ready to face any sexual encounter and obey their clients’ instructions properly, especially during the time of intercourse.

Given below are the multiple roles played by high-profile call girls in Bangalore:

A true girlfriend

High-profile call girls in Bangalore like model escorts and elite escorts are committed to giving you a true girlfriend experience. Whether you are a rejected lover spending black days with your dejected heart or looking for an admirer (girlfriend) to spend happy moments, you can get started with banglore escorts and model escorts in Bangalore. Their companionship will help you seek solace to get rid of dejection and depression caused by a breakup or separation with your girlfriend. Besides, if you are looking for a new girlfriend or finding important ways to impress one, you can spend time with the Bangalore high profile escorts . They will give you valuable tips on how to win her heart.

Moreover, they take personalized care for the rejected and dejected lover, allowing them to open their mind and share the story of love and languishment. Having the power of face reading and psychoanalysis, they can easily delve deep into your mind to soothe your grief-stricken heart and balm the wound of love. Even they can give you valuable tips to renew your relationship.

A real bed partner

If you are a married man leading an unsatisfied married life, you can spend quality times with independent escorts in Bangalore . They will give a real bed partner experience, complete satisfaction and valuable tips on how to make your wife hot to continue a long-time intercourse. Their guidance has helped many men reestablish the conjugal relationship and avoid any unwanted and pathetic incident likes suicide, murder, homicide, and many like these.

A perfect travel guide

If you are a traveler interested in exploring the sought-after travel destinations in the city and taking part in the important activities (which the city has to offer you), you can hire a high-class Bangalore call girl to accompany you. She will play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide and make every moment happy and colorful while exploring an important spot or partaking an important activity. Not only does she offer you happy companionship, but also helps you get the right itineraries. She explains the important places and their historical backgrounds, keeping her in your array (embrace).

A professional personal assistant

There are many employed professionals working longer with us as independent female escorts in Bangalore. Being highly educated, well-mannered and comfortable with corporate culture and activities, they can play the role of a professional secretary or personal assistant. They can accompany you as your personal assistant while you are going to attend an important corporate meeting, a corporate event celebration or signing an important business agreement.

Specialties in Bangalore escorts

Why choose us for hiring Bangalore escorts

We work as a hyphen between you and Bangalore call girls . . Codella stays as a safety valve between the two parties to ensure security, safety, confidentiality, satisfaction, and fair dealing

Online dating facility

In order to save time and keep your affairs veiled from all eyes, we have started an online dating facility. Using our dedicated app or just filling the inquiry form on our website, you can get a date to spend with our beautiful women and the paragon of Bangalore Escort. You can easily continue an extramarital affair with no risk of being spied by your spouse or other family members and friends.


We ensure optimum security of your life. We take every possible measure so that you are not deceived and deprived by anybody. We always send a licensed High profile Escorts Girls aged above 18 so that you never undergo any legal action for sexual violence and abuse.


This gets our paramount interest as a small mistake can bring to an end of your happy sex life. Here we send our Bangalore call girls to the registered medical practitioners for a thorough checkup so that they do not carry any genital disease and diffuse it to your sex organ and subsequently all over the body. Every time you can check the fitness certificate (issued by registered medical practitioners) before getting involved in an intercourse and other sensual activities.


We never disclose your confidential records and share personal details to anybody even with your chosen Bangalore Escort Girl . This helps you avoid the leakage any information and stay far ahead of any sex scandal. Nobody can take the advantage of it to earn more from you. Your social status and dignified position remain unharmed.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee you a complete satisfaction and desired services in your preferred location within all areas of Bangalore . This gets our paramount interest. We allow you to get in touch with our support team to share an issue or any problem while enjoying with our independent escorts in Bangalore. Report us instantly as soon as you face an issue with no matter you are taking an incall or outcall service. Satisfaction guaranteed each time for every encounter.

Fair dealing

We give 100% emphasis on fair dealing. We always help you enjoy our escort service in your desired ways. If needed, we can arrange other things on behalf of you to ensure that you have enjoyed the best companionship and the battle of sexes in our life. Utilizing our reference and other recommendation, we will bring you all necessary things at your arm’s length to give you a smooth and unforgettable experience with no matter you are a citizen of this city or the first time visitor who knows nothing about Bangalore Escort Girls . Approach us with your common and customized needs. We give you a plethora of options to choose from. Get started with us. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you to build a long-term relationship. We ensure value-added benefits for our repeat customers. High Profile Escorts Look forward to hearing from you.

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26 Years, 32-28-34

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22 Years, 32-28-34

22 Years, 32-28-34

22 Years, 32-28-34

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22 Years, 32-28-34

22 Years, 32-28-34

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