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3700+ Real Girls WhatsApp Number List For Friendship In 2024

Are you seeking Real call girls WhatsApp number for Friendship In 2024? If yes, you are at the right destination. This blog post is only for you. If you want to be a friend of a beautiful girl to have a serious relationship with her, you can check a list of real call girls' WhatsApp numbers updated for 2003.

On our escort agency website, you can request us for the list and choose anyone you like. If you like her, you can share your number with her and make friends.

Now, the million-dollar question comes- what is the best way of seeking WhatsApp number of a girl in the present day? Although various dating apps, online portals and agency websites have come onto the scene, a vast majority of these do not provide you with the real girls' mobile phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers in your desired ways. The reason is probably the copywriting issue. Apart from this, many real girls and high-class society ladies do not want to share their numbers and direct information on the website and apps.

Unlike those websites and apps, this escort agency website lists 1000+ real call girls interested in being friends with any male users seeking females for romantic and casual dating. If you are having a hard time finding the girls' WhatsApp numbers for friendship, this website is the perfect panacea for you.

What only thing you need to do is to choose a number and name from the list given below and ping her. WhatsApp girls' numbers mentioned and listed here would not mind having a ping from a male. Rather, they are much more interested in establishing serious or no- string-attached relationships with young handsome and sophisticated gentlemen. Keep one thing in mind that your communication must be impressive to achieve your goal. They will reply to you as soon as possible if you can communicate with them well. As soon as you receive a response from a girl showing her interest in becoming your friend, you can save her number in your contact list.

If your vibe matches with a girl and she, too, shows her interest, you can send a friend request to get started with her. If the girls start chatting spontaneously on WhatsApp, you can go ahead and take the relationship to the next level. You have to understand all signs and take the opportunity in your favour to give it a complete shape. You can take part in online chats, message sharing, sending videos and images, and many more like dirty talk and nude exchanges. You can get in touch with her as long as you and she want. Keep one thing in mind, you must respect her, value her words and understand her area of interest. You can send romantic and erotic messages if she likes these.

If the relationship does not take a romantic turn, you can try a new one. You can keep doing this (making new friends), until you get notable success and give the relationship an erotic shape.

Table of Contents

1. How do people find real girls WhatsApp number lists for friendship in 2024?

2. Real Girls WhatsApp Number List For Friendship in 2024

3. When should I start making friends with a girl?

4. Is there a real Girls WhatsApp Number?

5. What is the best way to find a real Girls WhatsApp Number?

6. Indian single Girls WhatsApp Numbers for friendship

7. Pakistan single Girls WhatsApp Numbers for friendship

8. USA Girls WhatsApp Number

9. UK Girls WhatsApp Number list

10. Tamil Girls WhatsApp Number

11. Girls’ WhatsApp Numbers of 14 16 year age

12. How to start a new friendship with girls using the above-listed numbers?

13. Do I need to talk with girls on Whatsapp?

14. Is it worth my time to be a girl’s friend?

15. FAQ’s:

16. Q: Which app is the best for getting a Girls WhatsApp Number?

17. Q: Do you know how to find the WhatsApp number of a calling girl?

18. Q: What are the benefits of chatting with girls on Whatsapp?

19. Conclusion

How do people find real girls WhatsApp number lists for friendship in 2024?

Finding real girls' mobile number lists for friendship has been much easier than ever before. The introduction of the internet, smartphones and computer technology has made the job easier for each tech-savvy individual. Online users love searching for everything trendy.

Nowadays, people search online to find real girls WhatsApp number lists for friendship in 2024. They do it knowing nothing about the authentic sources to find the latest WhatsApp numbers for friendship. Consequently, they spend much time and effort on their several futile attempts. To help them best we have showcased and listed a plethora of options to choose from.

If you want to have real girls WhatsApp number lists for friendship in 2024, keep reading this blog post and continue until you finish it. You are sure to make girlfriends and get in touch with them online. You will get to know how to find new girlfriends and choose one as very special for you. If you like her most and can feel her pulse well, then both of you are made for each other. You can go for romantic and traditional dating to give the relationship a complete shape. Even you can marry her (your dream girl) if your vibes match with her and everything goes well with her. WhatsApp is an excellent communication app and an important social media platform for sharing your opinion, exchanging ideas and chatting for free as long as you want. You can communicate well with a real girl and get in touch with her virtually, crossing the interface of your country. This is an ideal tool for finding beautiful girls and making them your girlfriends.

Finding WhatsApp number lists for friendship in 2024 is easier. You just need to download this app for free. You can install it on your smartphone and open Messenger on your iPhone, MacBook or Windows PC. WhatsApp Messenger supports almost all operating systems (OS).

After opening this website (our escort agency website), you need to paste the following number into the browser address bar. The list of real girls' WhatsApp numbers will appear. It will show all girls belonging to the same WhatsApp or Facebook group. You can choose any name from many. Click on the name of a girl showing in the list to chat and get in touch with her.

You can do it just by following the simple steps mentioned above. When you use this app on your smartphone, you do not need to disclose any personal information like name, address, phone number or email address.

Real Girls WhatsApp Number List For Friendship In 2024

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular social media platforms. You will have many active users using both (Facebook and WhatsApp) at the same time. Only a few users use Facebook only, but most of them use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a multi-functional native app that can serve multiple purposes at a time. Apart from online chatting and sending voice messages, you can send videos, audio, photos and attachments in various formats. You can indulge in live audio and video calls and add participants for a conference call as many as you want. Moreover, you can create groups for sending and following messages and other information in a common loop.

Therefore, we have included the latest ladies' numbers and updated their WhatsApp numbers and records so that you can add and communicate them in your desired ways with the least possible effort.

The finding and adding process will take only a couple of minutes after installing WhatsApp on your smartphone. This is why it has been very popular across the globe for finding and adding ladies' numbers. Many people who use this app keep finding numbers and adding those on WhatsApp accounts for making new girlfriends online.

You can now make friends easily, using WhatsApp. Take real girls WhatsApp number list for friendship in 2024 available on our website. This section of our website has been designed and dedicated to the same. Have numbers for chatting with cute, sexy and amiable girls spreading across the globe. Let them fall in love with you, using your excellent communication skill. You will have here real girls and legit girls' numbers. Therefore, our website is the perfect panacea for you if you are looking for genuine beautiful girls on WhatsApp.

Animated gifs, images and icons of different moods and emotions, and attractive videos are available to download and use anywhere you want. Whether on your social media account or WhatsApp web, you can enjoy all features and functionalities uninterruptedly. Moreover, by adding different sound effects to videos and using various icons and images of different expressions, you can energize and excite girls. Both men and women have the opportunity to connect with a crew of gorgeous women and men waiting for them for friendship and expressing their feelings and sharing opinions.

When should I start making friends with a girl?

There is no specific time and age for making friends. When you will be in a good mood and have a romantic feeling, you start making friends. Just keep one thing in mind effective communication and a very good approach can give you a very good result. An impressive approach can easily attract a lady. The first blow is half the battle. If you can make a good start and continue it for a while you can create a very good bond.

Given below are a few things to consider:

Mature emotional development:

Do you have enough maturity level to understand what your partner is interested in? Do you need to develop a skill to read the mind of your partner? What is she looking for? Moreover, you need to have the emotional maturity to deliver everything in the right way and how to deal with the ups and downs in a new relationship.

Personal objectives:

Can you express your objectives, goals and priorities more simply with your new friend? Can you share what are you willing to do accordingly?

Energy and time:

Do you have enough time at your disposal and adequate energy to focus on your goals in a new friendship? Do you know how to spend time and focus on everything with enough energy for making strong friendships with girls?

Would you be willing to commit, take responsibility, work through disagreements, and do according to the commitment or promise made to someone (her)?

Additionally, you should understand the area of her interest and consider the readiness of the girl you wish to be friends with. Make sure your friendship with your girlfriend is interesting, engaging, mature, mutually beneficial, and healthy for both of you.

Is there a real Girls WhatsApp Number?

Yes, of course as long as you are on our website. Here you will find real 3700+ real Girls' WhatsApp Numbers to make friends and chat with them. The list includes girls from different countries. From the list, you will have Indian girls WhatsApp numbers, Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number, USA Girls WhatsApp Number, hot female WhatsApp numbers, and the latest UK Girls WhatsApp Number.

What is the best way to find a real Girls WhatsApp Number?

The best way to find a real girl's WhatsApp number is to check the lists updated for 2003. It is available on our website. After that, you can check and select a specific country of your choice. You will get to see girls listed for that country. Click on your favourite country in the table of contents.

As soon as you click, you will get to see the names of the girls, their numbers, ages and residences in that country.

In this section, you can see the names of the girls, their ages, and their countries of residence.

You will have access to over 3700 Girls WhatsApp Number for friendship on our call girl agency website.

Indian single Girls WhatsApp numbers for friendship

Guys in India are more passionate about finding Indian Girls Whatsapp numbers for friendship. They love chatting and meeting with Indian single girls. Similarly, Indian girls like Indian boys and love chatting with them. This is why you can impress girls easily if you can chat with them effectively amiably and engagingly. You must show your cordiality for them.

If you are interested in making Indian girlfriends and impressing them for romantic dating, you need to have their WhatsApp numbers. This blog post will provide you with the same. You will have here real and trusted WhatsApp numbers of Indian girls interested in long- term connections and conjugal relationships.

Given below are the names of the girls waiting for getting a ping from you. Check the table to have girls' names with their ages and WhatsApp numbers.

Name-Srabani Thakur


+91 7838873107


Age– 21

+91 9064279520



+91 9654766051









+91 8503726783

Name-Sunita Majhi


+91 9654766051

Name-Harapriya Pradhan



Name-Nirupama Khan


+91 9654766054

Name-Anisha Biswal


+91 6798754735

Name-Mamata Mallik


+91 4532367891

Name- Nida


+91 8777883638

Name- Samal


+91 8888354688

Name – Namita Koshy

Age – 24

Get number 0348_9586121

Name – Sameedha Rege

Age – 21

Get number 03058370572

Name – BANU

Age – 23

Get number 03332613512

Name – Kovai item

Age – 25

Get Number +91-95-5678098

Name – Sudha

Age – 19

Get Number 0092346-8424711

Pakistan single girls WhatsApp numbers for friendship

Like other developing countries, Whatsapp is equally popular in Pakistan. A vast majority of the population there uses WhatsApp for messaging, chatting, and sharing different media items and information. It is highly popular among the ladies in Pakistan. Many girls there use this social media platform for finding their male partners in their country or outside of it. Many Pakistani girls are eager to find new boyfriends and establish serious relationships with them. We have collected and added a list of the real Pakistani girls' WhatsApp numbers.

Just check the list and make try to connect to one you like.

Given below are the names with ages and phone numbers for your convenience.

Name- Amna






Name-Faiza nihal












Name- Wasfa



Name-Mariya Khan



Name-Neelam Jutt



Name-Saadia Imam



Name- Simra


















Name – Saadia

Age – 19

+92 6534567356

Name – Neela

Age – 24

+92 3756537657




Name- Noor



Name-Samra Butt






USA Girls WhatsApp Number

If you are serious about making a relationship with USA Girls, you can collect USA Girls WhatsApp number. Many people from Asian countries are looking for a list of American girls WhatsApp numbers to make them their girlfriends. Smart Indian guys working in the IT and electronics industry are very much interested in getting their girlfriends from the USA. Given below are some numbers to try for the same. Make sure you have a very good accent and English communication skills.

You can use these numbers for dating and making a permanent relationship with them.

Have a look at the list given below.






+1 315 417 9337



+1 210 460 4151



+1 315949 3958



+1 748 464 3457



+1 675 546 6729



+1 546 236 4547

Name– Lily


+1 315949 3959






+1 315949 3968



+1 315949 3960



+1 31594 998 456





Age- 20

+1 1234 567 324



+1 936-247-1155



+1 111 417 9337



+1 112 464 3457



+1 849041298



+1 849041299

UK Girls WhatsApp Number list

A survey conducted in the UK, taking young people and teenagers, showed that they spend 188 minutes on an average web browsing and chatting on various social media platforms. The study further revealed that a vast majority of the people living in that county is spending 70 to 80 minutes a day on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

We have checked their profiles, posts and interests for men on various social media platforms. After that, we created our database subtly. We have checked, tested, verified, and compiled the best and most reliable UK Girls WhatsApp Number in 2024 and prepared an updated list for effective use.



+1 5677893456



+1 3454766054



+1 674 567 7891

Name- Monica


+1 3454766055



+1 5677893456

Name- Shiela


+3 456 456 6723



+1 5673987439



+1 3454766057



+1 3454766046

Tamil Girls WhatsApp Number

Tamil girls are known well for their pear body shape and curvy hip areas. They are blessed with heavy back sides, juicy and puffy lips, mature and large breasts, and thick thighs. If you are interested in finding Tamil girlfriends and looking for Tamil Girls WhatsApp Number for the same, you are at the right destination.

We have collected, accumulated and showcased a list of Tamil Girls’ WhatsApp numbers. Just check those and connect one or more. It is always advisable to be polite and interesting in approach to win their hearts.

The chances of getting blocked and spamming you are higher than other Indian girls- unless you can communicate politely and handle them perfectly.

Have a look at the list of Real girls WhatsApp numbers given below:

Name: Shilpa

Age: 19

Number: 9658745124

Name: Rita

Age: 18

Number: 7451203658

Name: Sita

Age: 20

Number: 6745784102

Name: Jyoti

Age: 21

Number: 6201204578

Name: Soni

Age: 22

Number: 6201247302

Name: Kajal

Age: 18

Number: 6237458410

Name: Arshita

Age: 20

Number: 9652012024

Name: Shenay

Age: 20

Number: 7400256203

Name: Geeta

Age: 23

Number: 6021015403

Name: Aneeta

Age: 21

Number: 7410258963

Name: Sanvi

Age: 20

Number: 9632587410

Name: Riya

Age: 19

Number: 7352140258

Name: Ganga

Age: 22

Number: 7451032602

Name: Preeti

Age: 18

Number: 6230045105

Name: Amrita

Age: 19

Number: 6309853472

Name: Pooja

Age: 20

Number: 6232458794

Name: Arti

Age: 21

Number: 6032647587

Name: Poonam

Age: 18

Number: 8545214730

Name: Babi

Age: 22

Number: 8451202010

Name: Charumati

Age: 23

Number: 9602401236

Name: Dimple

Age: 20

Number: 7502303040

Name: Diya

Age: 21

Number: 8625002548

Name: Dimple

Age: 18

Number: 6201040502

Name: Gitanjali

Age: 18

Number: 9500124578

Name: Garima

Age: 20

Number: 7410230587

Name: Heena

Age: 18

Number: 7450234015

Girls WhatsApp Numbers of 14 16 year age

Teen girls especially the girl between 14 and 16 are very romantic. They are very enthusiastic about finding lovers and young handsome boyfriends. If you have spent enough time on dating websites and apps but all attempts have been futile, you can have teen girls WhatsApp Numbers. You are sure to have a serious relationship and an honest friendship. We have prepared a list of Girls' WhatsApp Numbers of 14 16 year age to save time and effort. Look no further than checking the list on our escort agency website. A brand new list of teen girls WhatsApp Number 2003 exclusively for 14-16-year-olds has been attached here.

Check the list and get started in your desired ways.

Name: Julia

Age: 16

Leaving in: India

Number: +91 849041298

Name: Lily

Age: 14

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 936-247-1155

Name: Shreya

Age: 16

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 9930637524

Name: Jasmine

Age: 15

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 31594 998 456

Name: Katelyn

Age: 16

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 315949 3960

Name – Naina

Age- 14

Leaving in: India

+33 678 345 6781

Name- Tumani

Age- 15

Leaving in: India

+33 786 745 6789


Age- 14

Leaving in: India

+33 671 836 7845

Name: Taylor

Age: 14

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 315949 3959

Name: Alexis

Age: 16

Leaving in: India

Number: +1 315949 3958


Age- 16

Leaving in: India

Number: +918667749654

How to start a new friendship with girls using above listed numbers?

In this section, we will let you know how to deal with young ladies for making them your girlfriends.

If you are a starter and do not know how to make girlfriends, the process of introduction seems to you very challenging. Moreover, you need to have some skills to continue the conversation.

You need to collect the numbers to start the process. Once it is done, you need to deal with them in an effective, amiable and efficient manner.

Given below are the tips on these.

  • 1. Try to understand her area of interest. Send messages and other information according to that. Decide what you want to discuss or talk about. Get your mind ready and have adequate knowledge of her area of interest. This will help you impress her effectively.
  • 2. If you are calling her, try to win her heart with impressive and honest talks. You should speak politely and try to understand what type of conversation she likes. Don't be dishonest. Don't tell lies.
  • 3. After chatting or talking to her for some time, you can confess the reason why you want to make her your girlfriend. If you can understand that like you she, too, needs a boyfriend, you can approach her more engagingly. You can tell her that you feel lonely and alone and you need a genuine girlfriend to shun your boredom and loneliness.
  • 4. Try to impress her with the first call. Gradually move to the area of her interest. Talk to her coherently. Spend time talking to her. The next time when you talk to her, she will be interested in your call and listen to you minutely. Next time, leave her some clues to let her know that you are feeling romantic while talking to her. Then talk romantic to make her feel homely and comfortable with you.
  • 5. Express your feeling for her. Let her know that you feel happy and light-hearted while talking to her. Create an impression that you miss her. Let her know that she is not alone. You are with her. Someone is feeling occupied by her thought and looking to make her feel the same. Let her know someone is for you and want to spend your whole life with her. It won't take much time to get close to each other. Be true and honest about everything you know and believe in what you tell her.
  • 6. If you follow these, you are sure to be your best friend. There is a chance of turning your relationship into love very quickly. Tell true, clean and interesting. Try to make her feel happy while talking to you. Don't hurt or misbehave with her. If you can do these, she will respect you and value your words. Considering you are a true and companionable friend, she will hail you as a real hero and true life partner.

These are the important things that you should not take lightly. Real girls expect these from their male counterparts. Keep in mind that young ladies are intelligent and smart. Don't try to underestimate them. They have self-respect and confidence in what they do. If you cannot maintain these well and fail to keep a balance in your words and attitude, you won't be able to build a new relationship.

There is no doubt that intelligent women will inquire about you and try to know more about you. They might ask you several questions before getting into a relationship. Try to answer those questions honestly and cleverly. If you can do these well, you will be able to impress them. The way you introduce, speak and behave matters the most. An honest and impressive approach can create a new bond of trustworthiness.

Do I need to talk to girls on Whatsapp?

The answer is yes, of course. In particular, Whatsapp is an important app and social media platform for getting connected to people. You can do several things on it. You can chat with girls and make one of them your girlfriend if you find one like-minded. It allows you to learn about a girl's nature while chatting with her about it. You can get to know what girls like or dislike. If you have a very good understating of how girls behave and react, you can deal well with your life partner and live a happy conjugal life.

Disclaimer Note: The purpose of this writing is to educate people. It is strictly educational and recreational. Consequently, we do not reveal any user details under any circumstances. We never disclose the identity of any individual. Being purely educational and instructional, this blog post does not contain any explicit or implicit sexual content and images, videos, etc. It is devoid of adult content. Moreover, if you find any detail about you or your personal phone number listed on this website, bring it to our attention. We will take immediate care of it.

Is it worth my time to be a girl’s friend?

Yes, of course. There are many benefits of being friends with real girls. If you have a true girlfriend, you can get rid of several problems and difficulties in your personal life.

Have a look at the significant advantages mentioned below:

Feeling happy and occupied

You will not feel bored or lonely, rather you will feel happy and occupied- thinking that someone is in your life to make it successful and purposeful. A good mood always pervades you.

Strong companionship

Strong companionship helps you overcome hard times in your life. You can seek solace from companionship when you face difficult times. Friendship can give you a feeling of happiness and a sense of connectedness and support. A feeling of togetherness keeps your body and mind happy and healthy.

Share common interests

You can discuss the common areas of interest. Thus, you will have a chance to develop the knowledge of your interested areas. You get pleasure and feel cool. You stay happy and light-hearted by sharing your interests and remarkable things.

Personal development

It has a positive impact on your mind and body. You learn how to develop and maintain friendships. A feeling of responsibility and commitment for your loved ones starts developing in you. Your social skill improves. You get a chance to shun your bad qualities. You learn who are you and what other people think about you.


You have enough fun and pleasure through friendship. As you have many positive experiences like laughing, smiling and sharing happy moments with your girlfriend, your mind remains fresh and energetic.

Encouragement, motivation and help

As you receive enough inspiration and encouragement on behalf of your girlfriend, a firm conviction of achieving your goal works on you. Moreover, you can have advice and help from your girlfriend that motivates you to meet your target perfectly.

Being a friend to a real girl (or any other person) can give you limitless joy and inspiration. She can open the lid of your energy and instil enough power in you to make you a successful man in your life. You can understand the meaning of life and learn how to take responsibility for your loved ones. These are the beneficial aspects of meaningful relationships.


Q: Which is the best app for getting a Girl’s WhatsApp Number?

A: WhatsApp numbers adequately. However, we search for apps in the app store (Apple) or Android apps in the Google Play store. All our efforts go to futile when we could not find any such app. This is why instead of wasting your time there, stay on our website to get the list of Girls' WhatsApp Numbers. To save time and make the job easier for you, we have compiled ladies' WhatsApp numbers after collecting and verifying them from different sources. Moreover, we have many verified sources to collect data and girls' WhatsApp numbers. Therefore, you can completely rely on the lists.

Q: Do you know how to find the WhatsApp number of a calling girl?

A: There are sources like Facebook, Instagram, and Google search engine to get ladies' numbers. However, we have purchased databases, verified the numbers and updated them in the list for 2003. Moreover, we have agents and marketing guys who collect numbers from various markets, shopping malls, customer lists, etc. We have compiled these to make a comprehensive list for meeting your target for getting a true girlfriend..

Q: What are the benefits of chatting with real girls on WhatsApp?

  • There are several benefits of chatting with real girls on WhatsApp. You can open and broad your mind. Many good qualities like love, responsibilities, sympathy,commitments, and fellow feelings start developing in you.
  • You learn to make a relationship and continue it for a mature and happy conclusion.
  • You get to know much about the ladies.
  • You know how to behave with ladies and get inspiration to achieve success in life.
  • Your personal love life teaches you and inspires you to proceed toward universal love and hope.


You can use WhatsApp to connect with people spreading across the globe. You can reach a girl easily, crossing the interface of your country. You can be a boyfriend of a real girl even if you don’t know an inch about a girl. You can easily reach anyone on WhatsApp for friendship.

If you get ladies' numbers from our website, you will be able to reach real and like-minded girls exactly made for you. You will have a golden opportunity to reach a real girl and arrest her attention by sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp. She will be interested in chatting with you and learning about your existence and other things related to you. You can invite her on various social media platforms and dating apps to get connected more closely.

If you have any issue or a different opinion about anything, please write us. If you need any advice or suggestion, you can write in the comment section. We will try to do the best of our knowledge.

Get aware of real Girls WhatsApp Number list for friendship in 2024 and create awareness among your friends and other people looking for the same.