On the streets of MG Road, Bangalore

Many big and small cities of India like Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata, Pune, Muzaffarpur, etc have red light areas where one can easily find Bangalore escorts sex workers or prostitutes. But, Bangalore, one of the IT hubs and metropolitan cities of India doesn't have any red light area where one can find sex workers to practice sex. But this city has the Bangalore prostitution places where sex or prostitution is sold. This blog has underlined the red light area Bangalore which is not the actual red light area but the places where sex is delivered from various sex workers to sophisticated men's.

On Saturday evening when I was returning from my work and decided to visit MG Road to buy some second-hand books, for the first time, I witnessed the nightlife of Bangalore. From my past research and from the documentary, little bit I have the idea that these things were going on in and around MG Road and it has become one of the red light areas in Bengaluru. Hence, I decided to visit this area the very next day at 9 pm.

The MG Road of Bangalore is one of the glittering and sparkling areas where one can find all the branded shops and showrooms. This place has numerous bars which are very loud that one can hear anything from the street and different pubs where there is no end or break to every type of beer. It is the most famous spot for the youth and young generation to come, relax and spend some meaningful time with their loved ones on stressful weekends. While prostitutes in Bangalore keep doing their sex practices continuously like it's the end of the world. As I am a hosteller, the hostel has taught my nose to differentiate between various types of smokes and smells. While MG Road's red-light areas are filled with smokes that are not blown out from any cigarette or had, but it's the smoke of drugs that people are consuming.

This place is the major hub of youth. One can find everyone here, from the group of girls, smoking cigarettes and drugs to the couples who are mad in love and caressing their bodies like there is no one else in the street. They do not bother about their surroundings and not even the men who are walking behind or beside them. As it's the marketplace like any of the metropolitan cities have, families also visit this place to shop and dine in at various restaurants. However, the couples also don't bother about them and keep on making this place the red light area in Bangalore city.

While the business that has been carried out in the Bangalore red light area will be invisible and hidden until a person looks to take advantage of this business. There are many chances that you had come and gone out without looking at the lusty eyes and fear hidden in the eyes of the people. I had also almost missed it, but my diligence cited as the night started to begin. After roaming at the street of MG Road for almost 2 hours, it was 11 pm and there I saw the group of African/ Nigerian women who were sitting at the dark staircase next to the closed shop. In that group, when I was roaming in the street I had seen a few women and thought they were travellers. But as they came out of the dark staircase on the streets and clients starts pouring and touching their bodies, I realize that they were sex workers too. By the time I was observing them in the Bangalore prostitution place, the girls cannot able to finalize any client with whom they will spend their night and keeps on roaming here and there in the streets. This might be possible that they may not be able to derive at the common price. This African group has only three sex women but as soon as I walk further, I saw another group of two to three girls who might have 30-40 years of age.

As the night started becoming dark, no one else was there on the streets, one can only find prostitutes in Bangalore. It might be possible that they are alone without any clients on a Sunday night and it was getting late and late. Then come some college students, when the sex workers saw them, they just go to them and without any further conversation, they cannot negotiate the common price. While no one can suggest to the college students that they were practicing the sex individually.

Today, there are mainly three types of prostitutes in Bangalore. Firstly, the middlemen or procurers will arrange the girls for their clients. There the sex girls have no right to decide with whom they will share the bed tonight. Next, they call girls or escorts who can be independent or from the agency. Then the prostitutes summon men in public and ask for as much money as they want, and there is no procurer for them. No, the question came which sex worker can be problematic and how? We will discuss this question later in another blog.

The primary work of a procurer is to arrange the sex workers for the clients who ask where to find prostitutes in Bangalore? Anytime as desired by them. For this task, the procurer maintains repo with the police of Bangalore, and in case there will be any raid, the girls will be taken out of custody easily. The girls are not harassed instead they ask to provide some favour to the policemen. While the favour can be money or free sex practice with them.

The third type of prostitutes in Bangalore (as discussed before) is famous and demanded. Girls are practicing prostitution for many reasons but one of the main reasons is they have decided to work in this field.