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Age 27
Height 5'6''
Measurements 36B
Eyes Brown
Dress Size 6
Languages English, Hindi
Availability 24/7
Nationality Indian
Location Cubbon Park
Incall/Outcall Both
Status Housewife


Duration Incall Outcall
2 hour INR.15000 INR.15000
3 hours INR.20000 INR.20000
Dating INR.25000 INR.25000
Overnight INR.30000 INR.30000
Note All Rates Given Above Are Indian Rupees, Rates Are Negotiable Depending On The Availability. Pay After Services The Only Escort Girl Agency In Bangalore Asking For Money After Services.


Cubbon Park, with its lush greenery and serene atmosphere, has always been a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. But did you know that this beautiful sanctuary also harbors an unexpected secret?

Prepare to be enthralled as we introduce you to an enchanting world where excitement collides with nature in the most seductive way possible.

Enter the realm of Cubbon Park call girls - a discreet network of stunning individuals who are more than just easy on the eyes.

Imagine strolling through the park, hand in hand with a beautiful call girl like Malika by your side; her elegance captivating everyone who lays eyes on her. As you explore the park together, time seems to stand still while every step becomes an opportunity for adventure laced with desire.

Whether you are seeking companionship or an unforgettable experience, these mesmerizing escorts in Bangalore offers much more than just physical allure.

Their charm and charisma will captivate your senses, creating a truly unforgettably intimate encounter amidst the tranquility of nature's finest creation.

So why not spice up your visit to Cubbon Park and discover its erotic side with our breathtaking call girls? Get ready for a sensual journey that will leave you craving for more.

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