North Indian In Bangalore Escort


  • Age : 25
  • Height : 169CM
  • Bust : 37D
  • Eye : Black
  • Hair : Black
  • Location : Bangalore
  • Languages : English
  • Nationality : Indian


  • 1 Hour
  • INR. 10,000
  • INR. 10,000
  • 2 Hour
  • INR. 15,000
  • INR. 15,000
  • 3 Hour
  • INR. 20,000
  • INR. 20,000
  • Dating
  • INR. 25,000
  • INR. 25,000
  • Overnight
  • INR. 30,000
  • INR. 30,000
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Tina an Alluring North Indian in Bangalore Escort

Meet Tina, the most exciting and a brand new North Indian In Bangalore Escort who is here to spend some quality time with all the handsome boys in Bangalore Escort. She is from Delhi and recently moved here so that she can meet and greet all the attractive and sexy boys and give them an adventure of a lifetime. She is curvy and thick naturally, she is fair like a marble and has one of the most beautiful hazelnut eyes you have ever seen. She has big and round boobs which are very big and soft to grab and people drool at her when they look at her. She also has a very big butt which is soft and squishy and looks wonderful when she moves them making a clapping sound that people die for. She loves to tease boys and makes sure that her teasing makes an impact of seduction so irresistible that boys beg for her to sit on their face. You will love every bit of those big round boobs and butts that people usually can never resist. It is honestly irresistible to say no to Tina and you will definitely enjoy your time while you explore your wildest dreams and fantasies with her. She is single and does not care if you are single or in a relationship. She will treat every person equally and loves to be the other woman or share a secret affair with you if you allow her to be. You will never say no to such an exquisite deal. So do not miss such a fantastic offer.

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