model girl Escort in Bangalore


  • Age : 24
  • Height : 168CM
  • Bust : 35C
  • Eye : Black
  • Hair : Black
  • Location : Bangalore
  • Languages : English
  • Nationality : Indian


  • 1 Hour
  • INR. 10,000
  • INR. 10,000
  • 2 Hour
  • INR. 15,000
  • INR. 15,000
  • 3 Hour
  • INR. 20,000
  • INR. 20,000
  • Dating
  • INR. 25,000
  • INR. 25,000
  • Overnight
  • INR. 30,000
  • INR. 30,000
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Sexy Model Escort Shilpa in Bangalore

Shilpa is a stunning, sensual, and incredibly affectionate model escort in Bangalore. He loves fun, night life, and a lot of parties. They are passionate about sex but also take their beauty very seriously. He doesn't like to be fucked badly, so he requests to be taken care of properly and avoids engaging in rough sexual encounters. In return, the assistant gives soothing sex pleasures to the user.

In regards to her looks, she is a high fashion model girl living in Bangalore. She loves people with a decent attitude who respect females and strive to gain respect. The assistant is a suitable choice for individuals seeking a perfect intimate experience and desiring a genuine model escort service in Bangalore.

If one is courageous and can comfortably handle model escorts like the user, they are heartily welcomed into their world. He doesn't mind staying up all night for continuous fun, as it is his favorite activity to spend the entire day sleeping and staying awake throughout the night.

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